Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Sweet You'll Want To Vomit,Deal With It..lol...

J and I have been told by others that we are that couple that are so sweet it makes them want to vomit and that is alright by me, in fact I am proud of it.

Not only do I have the best man ever but he saved my life. During the accident I was unconscious and he held my head above water while he had a freshly broken collar bone. J and I had to experience the horrific what if one of us had died that day *shudders* and that only further solidified our boundless love.

Here I sit approximately three and a half years after "J" and I got together with less than a year to our wedding day and I am head over heels. I never knew that I could give my whole heart to someone and have it handled with such care. It is wonderful not to have to protect a piece of my heart at all times! Every day he makes me laugh, he spoils me in little ways and he compliments me all the time!

At times I wonder how did I ever get so lucky?


bleugod said...

Wow!!! That sounds like some ol movie stuff.
I can remember back on your old blog when you met him. I am happy for you two because it is always sublime to find love.

Angela2BPecked said...

@BleuGod: Than you!

The Capt. said...

Angela, Continued success with your relationship. Just remember, no matter what happens, you and your Spirit/God (together) have the power to overcome any challenge that may present itself. It's not the event, it's how your respond to it!