Monday, February 15, 2010

Community Service For Welfare

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging with a group of friends and we were discussing our absolute disgust at how many people in our area are on welfare.The city I live in has an infestation of people who sponge off of good tax paying citizens like myself,heck I have witnessed this atrocity up close.My friends agree with my idea to rectify the abomination and strain that welfare recipients are on society.The idea is that we implement a welfare for community service program.If a person is going to receive a welfare check they might as well earn it!Even the person who just finds it too unbearable to leave their house can do data entry for the city from the comfort of their home PC.There are so many people in this city who are on welfare that I've heard say that to be a clerk or telemarketer is beneath them but apparently sponging off of my tax dollars is where they are comfortable.The stigma of welfare would cease to be if the recipients were to earn their keep,so to speak.

There are however two types of welfare recipients that are the exception:

1)An unemployed person who is actively searching for a job (ie:those who are down on their luck)

2)Those who are truly in need due to being mentally ill or physically incapacitated

*I admit this has been fetched out of the archives of my writing,but I still feel very much the same about the situation

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