Monday, August 5, 2013

Age Appropriate Apparel

As I get further into my 30's I've adjusted  my fashion choices to suit my age. It saddens me greatly when I see women grasping with desperation to their 20's (or teens in some cases) by dressing in next to nothing or styles that are far too young for them. When a woman in her 30's or older wears next to nothing or far too young styles it does not make her look young nor does it make her look sexy it only makes her look like she is trying too hard.

If you're above 30 ask yourself
"Would I rather look like a younger version of my age or an old version of a younger age?"

 Personally, I would rather look like a younger version of my own age. My style choices are classic chic showing off my hourglass silhouette.We all have our own attractive feature,what is yours?

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