Sunday, June 28, 2015


Wow it is already the 6 years to the day my husband, his cousin and his cousin's wife all survived an accident where the car we were in dropped 30 meter off the Jacquet River in Restigouche County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Piece I Wrote About The Accident
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Judge Not, Lest She Be Compared

“She's Too Skinny!”
“She's Too Fat!”

"She shouldn't have cut her hair!”
“She should cut her hair!”

“She wears too much makeup!”
“She needs to wear more makeup!”

“She'd be pretty if it weren't for her nose/ears/lips/eyes!”
“She hasn't aged well!”
“She's clearly had work done!”

 Can we please stop judging other women as a way to convince ourselves we're enough. Judging other women does not make us somehow a superior woman. In fact judging other women keeps us comparing ourselves to other women and increasingly leaves us at a deficit the more we do so.

End the judgement, End the comparison!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happily Married

... One woman's honest experience, thoughts and observations.

I have been with my husband for 8.5 years and married for a little over four years. I am truly happily married. My husband is the kindest person I have ever known. Many of my friends and family tell me I am spoiled by my husband because of the small things he does for me. I am openly appreciative of my man because I know not all men are like him.

Now that I have gushed, I will get down to the nitty-gritty of finding the right man.

In 2005 I started getting therapy for myself. The therapy had nothing to do with getting a man, but was about working on being a better me. Once I had a healthier mindset I was prepared to meet my husband (who I met in 2006).

I've noticed many of my friends who are still looking;
  • have a superficial list of prerequisites (ie: looks, money, status). I am not saying people should settle, but keep your heart open and not be closed based on your list. There are men in any woman's life that are wonderful, kind and big-hearted that get overlooked due to not having the aforementioned looks/money/status. Remember what looks good on paper is not always authentically good. *So many women I've known who married for looks/money/status are now either divorced or unhappily married.
  • have an addiction to the 'bad boy'. Remember if your man is a bad boy, the latter part of the description is 'boy'. This guy may be exciting to be with, (can we say you may have a drama addiction) but be assured he will most likely break your heart and you will never have true intimacy with him. This guy is too immature to be ready for anything real. 
  • have issues with self-worth. This woman will accept anything that comes along convincing herself that the relationship is better than, more serious than, and exclusive than the relationship really is.
  • have an issue with being content. Content is not boring it is peaceful which is a form of happiness.Therefore don't be adverse to being happy. *see above about bad boy 
  • have the misinformed notion that they can manipulate their men into changing, this is usually furthered by Cosmopolitan type articles. Men are an as is purchase if you don't like him as he is now you will really hate him in the future. * This is a great way to become a future ex-wife.

I had to realize I was the common denominator in this onslaught of bad relationships. I was the one who chose to be with these men who were wrong for me. In the end, my advice is to start with being honest with and about yourself. 
    This is just my thoughts, experience and observations, do with them what you may.

    *This also applies to men who are looking.

    © Angela2BPecked

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    Remembrance vs Christmas

    One of my biggest pet peeves is Christmas decorations appearing in stores prior to Remembrance Day!

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Angela2BThankful 2013

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

    On this lovely crisp Autumn morning I'm in contemplation of all that I'm thankful for.

    I have been blessed with a wonderful Husband, adorable (bitchy) kitty, and a loving generous family! 

    Thursday, October 10, 2013


    As I've told you I count every calorie and MyFitnessPal was a great tool. Being honest about everything I ate is key and I hold myself accountable. If I lie about what I am really eating it only is an injustice to me given that my body would tell the truth about the food I have consumed. Professionals will tell you 80% of weight loss success is base on what is eaten.

    Keep In Mind

    Moderation is important! I do have my chips and chocolate everyday, but I go with lower calorie/fat options and eat smaller portions than I previously would. Deprivation generally leads to people reverting to bad eating habits.

    Try not to go overboard on "Cheat Days". I still count my calories on "Cheat Days" to be aware of how much I am going over in my calories. I don't want a "Cheat Day" to ruin my progress.

    If you fail one day and have a caloric overload get back on the horse and DON'T GIVE UP!  You're only human mishaps happen.

    Dont think of it as a diet, but as a new way of living since yo-yo dieting tends to lead to more weight gain in the long run.

    My Pinterest board with healthy recipes, some of them that helped me through my weight loss!