Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fame 2009, Not Comparable To Fame 1980

This past weekend I went to see "Fame" and I liked it. Even though I like the remake of "Fame" it did not stand up to the original. First off the fame remake was not long enough to sufficiently follow students through all the experiences of a four year art school experience. The original "Fame" took the time to establish and evolve the characters so that the audience my empathize with the situations the characters are going through. One of my other issues with the 2009 version of this movie is that it was not ballsy enough to go the extra mile ( ie.What Coco *1980* goes through during her "audition" was brutal by comparison to what happened to Kay*2009*). The remake of "Fame" would have been fine as a stand alone movie though it should have never been so bold as to try and sell itself with "Fame" as its title.

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