Monday, October 19, 2009

The Invention Of Lying (Strong Anti-Christian Themes)

Last night "J" took me to see "The Invention Of Lying" for my Birthday and I was excited to see what I was expecting to be a witty romantic comedy!As the movie began I thought it was funny then it became something I felt dirty watching.The icky feeling started when Mark Bellison (Gervais' character) told his mother about the after life to make her feel better,implying that heaven's existence is a lie.Mark Bellison after reports of the after life story gains followers and media coverage.If implying that Heaven was a lie was not bad enough in front of his apartment building Mark Bellison holds up two pizza boxes containing hand-written laws of behavior (Ten Commandments) on behalf of the Man in the Sky (God).When Mark emerged at his door with a sheet (Robe) with long hair and a beard like Jesus "J" and I decided we were offended enough to leave!the fact I left says alot given since I loved Dogma and Saved!

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