Monday, December 7, 2009

My Frankenfingers

I sliced open the top of my index and middle fingers trying to cut an English muffin on Friday night.

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 I swear 2009 is just not my year! 

 Stitches and Supplies Cost = $0
Gotta Love the Canadian Healthcare system!


The Capt. said...


Take it slow and focus in the moment! :) We can't have you injuring yourself after all you've gone through. We love you and want you to stick around.

Enjoy the holiday season, safely!! And face this season like a warrior! :) Much love, The Capt.

KJ McLean said...

I have had what I affectionately call my "bagel scar" on the inside of my thumb since 1986. Not as nearly as dramatic as your wounds, but just further proof that baked goods are out to get us. :)

bleugod said...

I think this is a bad year for a lot of people. I know so many people getting injured. To keep a positive outlook know they say...before the good there is always the bad. I hope our good is attached to Hope you get better and stay away from them blades.