Monday, July 26, 2010

Say My Name

Lately I have been wondering why today more so than ever before I can not seem to remember the names of people I meet or the names of characters on television shows I watch frequently.After discussing this with my fiancé we have com to the conclusion that it is because as a society we rarely use the names of people we meet after we are introduced to them if we use them at all.It is amazing the affect not properly greeting people can have on the ability to remember names.

Given that we have gotten out of the habit of using a person's name has spilled over into television.We will start to watch a show but the names of the characters are not used as much as they were years ago.If you were to watch an episode of "The Cosby Show" or "Roseanne" you would hear the character names in virtually every episode though today that only happens on select shows.

I am challenging myself to use the name of people I meet almost immediately to commit it to memory since remembering names is a quality I should endeavour to have as an Aesthetician.

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