Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My #Elxn41 Tweets About #CdnPoli

Shame on all the Canadians who did not get out and vote, you could have made a difference!We have far too many people here (I have witnessed) who like to complain, but not vote.It is too bad that even if an over 60 is using an oxygen tank and a wheel chair they'll get out to vote, but not a perfectly healthy young person....This speaks volumes about the under 30 demographic!Even though I am not happy with the results of the Canadian Election 2011, I VOTED FOR THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!Having the right to vote is a RIGHT I can't believe some Canadians take lightly!

The US gave George W Bush two terms so remember this when you are casting stones on the bad result of our Canadian Election!!!I am very disappointed with the results but I am still a VERY PROUD CANADIAN!This comes after reading insulting US tweets about our election results!
The only consolation we have on this the day after the election id that we have a new NDP opposition!
*I added one of my comments on an FB status update.


Stephen said...

My voting station was an old legion somewhere in the middle of nowhere... (although I'm sure they would disagree)

I held the door opened for a man who must have been in his 90s. His wife and son were helping him tip-toe up the ramp. I doubt that this gentlemen gets out very often... but he was determined that he was going to vote.

The people in the Legion obviously knew this gentleman, and actually brought the booth to him so he didn't have to walk all the way down the room to the voting area. That's how old, and unable to get around he was.

Yet he was there voting for whatever he believed in.

The exact opposite of that would be my lazy roommate who has a political science degree and couldn't be bothered to vote, because "it doesn't matter who wins. They're all the same".. and probably didn't even get out of bed Monday except to use the bathroom and get something to eat.


That gentleman... he voted. I'd say that there was a good chance that he probably fought for that right.. for him.. for me.. for all of us.

It frustrates me so much when people couldn't be bothered to vote.

Angela2BPecked said...

Very well put Stephen!