Sunday, May 1, 2011

Triage Nurse…A Tale Of Rudeness and Crudeness

This evening at St. Joseph's Hospital (in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada) I think I met quite possibly the rudest, crudest triage nurse EVER!!! She was blonde with shoulder length hair, early to mid 40's. I've had recurrent chest pains for the past few months (thankfully they subsided and I went home). When I went to tell her I had chest pains she abruptly interrupted me and told me they did not deal with chest pain there then spewed off a list of things they did not deal with including "VAG bleeds" (her DISGUSTING words). How RUDE and low class can you get!

I understand if they do not deal with chest pains, but seriously she could have had a little more couth when telling me so!

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