Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Last My Love Had Come Along

I brought these posts out of the vault in celebration of hubby and I being a couple for 5 blessed years!

How We Met

On May,4th,2006 there was a 20% off Mother's Day event in the store that I work and a few days prior (one day before I was scheduled to move into my current residence) my boss had me hand out flyers to all the stores. On my venture to hand out the flyers I came upon a kiosk in the mall that does printer cartridge refills and I handed the flyer to Jason (the manager). When handing the flyer to the Jason I smiled my most brilliant smile (I was in sales mode) and said my rehearsed piece (so as not to stumble over my words like usual). Later that day Jason came into the store and pre-made a basket for his mother with my help and came in and bought the basket on the day of the 20% off event. While we looked over the merchandise I found out I knew his sister (I used to give her facials when I worked at a spa) and that he was an exceptionally nice man. I made him aware that I was moving out of the place I was living and breaking up with the man I was living with at the time so there would be no secrets (and to let him know I would soon be single and available).

For the next 2 weeks (after the weekend of the move and breakup) he would come and visit me at work and I would visit him at work until (FINALLY) he attained the courage to ask me to hang out with him, which I refer to as the almost date. That night he put his arm around me, I swear I've never met a man who was this charmingly shy! After one more week of hugs and arm wraps I got up the courage to be bold and be the initiator of the first kiss which was scary as hell! Soon after that was the presentation of the 1/2 dozen red roses and the question of  "would you go out with me" in other words telling me that it would be alright of I referred to him as my boyfriend.Ever since he has shown time and time again that I made the right choice when I said "Yes".

Asking Me To Be His Girlfriend

On Friday night Jason dropped me of at my place and told me he had forgotten something in the car. Since I am forgetting things most of the time this meant nothing to me. After he came back in to my apartment with his hand behind his back and a couple of seconds later he whipped out half a dozen beautiful red roses. It took me off guard because it has been ages since anyone has given me flowers. The presentation of the roses was followed by the cutest question,"will you go out with me?" to which I obviously replied "yes!".

A few nights prior to getting the roses when I was at Jason's place and my brother (also my landlord) called to ask me where I was and I said "I am at Jason's (my brother thought I meant my neighbour of the same name) and I said "no you know that guy". When I got off the phone with my brother Jason looked at me and said "So I am that guy?". At my age it can not be assumed that I am someone's girlfriend simply because I have dates with them. I've never been one to assume anything so I am thankful he officially asked me to be his girlfriend!


Stephen said...

Amazing. :-)

Angela2BPecked said...

Thank you, I think it was pretty amazing too!