Sunday, September 15, 2013

Go On, Cheer You Up!

We all encounter bad times in our lives and never know how to make it through those times. Recently while chatting with a friend I came to the conclusion of how we all can help ourselves through rough times. Anyone who has gone through a rough times knows we can tend to obsess about our tribulations and that doing so never helps especially when the tribulation is not one that we created. When problems are not likely to go away in the near future obsessing is not productive.

We must treat ourselves like someone who deserves to be happy by ending the obsession. It is not necessary that we do lavish things to make us feel better since the simplest things can pick up one's mood (ie: going for a walk, renting a movie, buying a new book, dancing around the house, etc ..). The main point I am trying to make is we act towards ourselves the way we would with a friend that was encountering the same problem and needs cheering up! Why is it we will try to cheer others up but not ourselves, don't we think we deserve to be cheered up?

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