Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Good Friend Coffee

It is like a warm hug in the morning.
It greets me in the morning with its smell.
It wakes me up and makes my brain alert.
It is missed if I can not find it.

I am sure many of you can agree coffee has become a staple of the North American lifestyle. Can you imagine a whole week without coffee, the very thought makes me shudder. I like my coffee with 1 cream and 1/3 tsp of sugar. I love a fabulous mochaccino loaded with real whipped cream from Java Moose. Coffee is so essential it has achieved verb status in our society, you will frequently hear "Let's do coffee." in everyday life. Coffee is more than a beverage it is an activity, it even brings old friends together. What is your relationship with coffee or are you tea lover, maybe you swing both ways? Where do you get your java fix?

Psst ... I have been having a long standing love affair with my Keurig

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